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FIP Committees

The FIP/IFP has a number of working committees that carry out a variety of activities. All committees are governed by the FIP  Terms and Conditons documentsthat can be attained by clicking here: English - Frenchh

All committees members are appointed to each committee by the executive board. Once the committee is formed they will internally elect a chairperson to lead the committee process.

The only excetion to this process is the European Council of Podiatrists (ECP). The ECP consists of all FIP country members of the European Union (EU). The ECP will internally elect its own chairperson as this committee is solely responsible for issues that affect FIP EU country members. 

To view current FIP/IFP Committees you can click and view the specific role of each one:

Articles of Association Committee (AAC)

Budget and Finance Committee (B and FC) 

Corporate and Economic Development Committee (CEDC)

European Council of Podiatrists (ECP)

International Academy of Podiatric Medical Educators (IAPME)

International Recruitment Committee (IRC)

Special Olympics International Committee (SOI)

Website Committee (WSC)

World Foot Health Awareness Month Committee (WFHAMC)