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European Council of Podiatrists

The ECP is responsible for promoting the interests and general awareness of the podiatry profession to the European Commission, Parliament, and Council.

It provides a forum for podiatry organizations to discuss issues and establish policies relating to proposals and EU Directives that may affect the education and practice of the European podiatrist.

The Council for European Liberal Professions (CEPLIS) represents and is the sole voice for the FIP and other healthcare organizations with the European Commission, Parliament and Council.

The CEPLIS has recently partnered with the European Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (UEAPME) to ensure even greater representation in all European Community decision making.

At the 2012 FIP Annual General Meeting of the ECP, Neil Simmonite was elected as its new Committee Chair replacing the previous Chairman Serge Coimbra. We would like to thank Serge Coimbra for his many years of involvement and dedication at this position.

Click to view the minutes from the 2015 FIP ECP annual meeting in Athens, Greece in English and French.

Neil Simmonite - Chairman

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