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2013 FIP World Congress Poster Abstract Winners

The 2013 World Congress Poster Abstract winner was Lisa Chandler (Westcott) for her paper on "A reliability study to investigate iner-and-intra-rater repeatability of plain radiographic measurements pertinent to the assessment of foot posture. Honorable mention goes to 2nd place winner Simon Otter with his paper "Reliability of a smartphone goniometer App compared with a traditional goniometer for measuring 1st metatrsal-phalangeal joint dorsiflexion" and 3rd place winners D. Healy and E Hyslip with their paper " An association between the presence of peripheral sensory neuropathy, neuropathy, and retinopathy in individuals with diabetes.


World CongressMontreal 2016

One of our most widely recognized activities is the World Congress of Podiatry, which occurs every three years. In addition to attracting attention around the world, the congress provides the opportunity for colleagues in the podiatry profession to meet one another and expand on their training and knowledge about foot-related matters.

Hosting the World Congress of Podiatry is a joint initiative between the FIP and a member country. To assist member organizations wishing to host a FIP World Congress of Podiatry, the FIP Board and Secretariat have produced a World Congress policy document (PDF) that provides general guidelines and protocols for the World Congress and events directly associated with it. The policy document is available for download.

To download the FIP World Congress Policy Document  (PDF) click here .

FIP World Congress locations

1966 Brussels, Belgium

1968 Duisburg, Germany

1970 Florence, Italy

1973 Salzburg, Austria

1976 The Hague, Netherlands

1979 London, Great Britain

1982 Copenhagen, Denmark

1985 Barcelona, Spain

1988 Rome, Italy

1991 Nice, France

1993 Zarragossa, Spain

1995 London, Great Britain

1998 Goteborg, Sweden

2001 Paris, France

2004 Boston, United States

2007 Copenhagen, Denmark

2010 Amsterdam, Netherlands

2013 Rome, Italy

2016 Montreal, Canada