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 Dr Louis DeCaro Discusses Feet in Down Syndrome Children


Dr Louis Decaro



Recently, Dr Louis J DeCaro, President of the American College of Foot & Ankle Pediatrics conducted a webinar broadcast nationally for the National Down Syndrome Society. Titled "How Early Intervention in Pediatric Foot Care Can Improve Quality of Life in Children with Down Syndrome." Dr DeCaro discussed how the growing foot influences balance, gait and a variety of foot conditions that can be treated during early development. Common symptoms include flat feet, pronation, foot/leg pain, toe-walking, in-toeing, and others. "The feet are the foundation of the body, and from the first step a child takes, deficiencies in the lower extremity begin to create a destructive domino effect on the rest of the human body. Children with the diagnosis of Down Syndrome are certainly no exception. Podiatric physicians offer an important role in quality of life for children with Down Syndrome. It is important we get the word out," DeCaro said during the webinar.




Malta Podiatrist Awarded a Doctorate Degree


Malta Podiatrist


Cynthia Formosa, head of the podiatry school at the University of Malta, was recently awarded a doctorate degree by the University of Brighton. The title of her research was, "Culture and Management of Diabetes in Malta". Dr Formosa is the first podiatrist to hold Ph.D. in Malta.




Visit of the Chairman of the International Academy of Podiatric Medical Educators (IAPME) to Lima, Peru


Vince Elena In Lima Nov 2014




In November, Vincent Hetherington DPM, President of the International Acedemy of Podiatrtic Medical Educators (IAPME) visited Lima, Peru to participate in the International Seminar of Podiatry held at the Jevial School of Podiatry. During his visit he met with Elena Regalado, Director of the School of Podiatry and member of the IAPME. Dr Hetherington was able to gain first hand knowledge of the footcare model and its education process in Peru. There was also an opportunity to meet with doctors from the Department of Endocrinology at the Almenara Hospital to discuss diabetic footcare and the importance of heathcare workers that specialize in the care of the foot. Students from Jevial have the opportunity to see patients in the hospital as part of their education.




FIP President Carine Haemels Attends the FNP 39th Congress


Carine at FNP 2014 

On October 18-19, 2014 FIP President, Carine Haemels addresses the podiatrists of the FNP at their 39th annual Congress in Paris. The meeting was well attended and was dedicated to back problems and the multi-disciplinary approach to managing this particular problem. There were over 50 exhibitors, 11 poster presentations and several interactive workshops. This was the first time that posters were judged by visitors.



Carine Haemels New FIP President


Carine Haemels Picture


 Carine Haemels (Belgium)


Carine was elected as the new FIP President on May 10, 2014 during the FIP Annual General Meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland. She has practiced more than 20 years and for the last 10 years has been active as the regional clinical advisor of Special Olympics International, Fit Feet Europe/Eurasia. Carine has held board positions ie: Secretary and Vice President of the Belgium Podiatriy Association. She acheived her Masters in Podiatry and Education degree in 2012 at the University of Brighton in the United Kingdom.


Carine has been an active member of both the FIP, World Foot Health Awareness Month (WFHAM) and Special Olympics International (SOI) committees for several years. She has been a guest professor for the module "Podiatry and Intellectual Disability" at the three university colleges in Belgium where podiatry education takes place. Carine is also active in her local community as a volunteer in varoius charities and sporting events.


She is surrounded by her two lovely daughters, a great son and a very supportivie and dedicated husbanAd, Patrick. The entire family has been actively involved in Carine's life and career, especially with Special Olympics. 



Podiatric Services to Increase in Malta


An agreement was reached between the Department of Health and The Malta Worker's Union (UHM) today to increase  podiatric services. This agreement will ensure that the best quality of service will be provided to patients requiring podiatric services across the health sector. This will lead to an increase in professionals and support staff in this service while proper procedures will result in a more transparent  and professional service to the public. UHM Secretary General, Josef Vella and Parlimentary Secretary for Health, Chris Fearne expressed satisfaction at this outcome and agreed on the importance of dialogue to ensure the best interests of staff and patients. 



Hong Kong Podiatrist Discusses Onychomycosis


Fungal infections are becoming more prevelent in Hong Kong said Douglas Horne, podiatrist at Quality Healthcare Footcare Medical Services. It was once treeated as a problem of the elderly, but younger patients are now getting it. Horne said that as well as hot and humid weather, neglecting personal hygiene also leads to the infection. People are busy in Hong Kong, he said. They always ignore the importance of maintaining nail cleanliness. Even wearing nail polish makes nails more vulnerable to infection.

Douglas Horne

 Douglas Horne, Podiatrist


He also finds that awareness of nail protection is generally low among Hongkongers, with some only noticing the disease after permanent damage has set in. Onychomycosis rarely gets better on its own, he said. Treatment and good care are needed. He believes that basic everyday care of nails are needed to prevent infection. Make sure to wash meticulously and apply cream to control humidity of the nail. Douglas has been in practice for 29 years.




FIP 2014 Humanitarian Award Winner

Patrick Deheer DPM


Patrick Deheer 2


On May 10, 2014 the FIP Humanitarian Award was given to Dr Patrick Deheer who resides and practices in Franklin, Indiana (USA) for the last 23 years. Patrick received this years award for the comprehensive diabetic foot program at the Hospital Bernard Mevs Medishare in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Patrick is the director of the diabetic foot program which is charged with the establishment of a comprehensive program including, diabetic wound care, surgical care of the diabetic foot, routine foot care, diabetic foot examination and risk classification, and a diabetic orthotic program. The ultimate goal of this program is to reduce the high rate of amputations in Haiti thereby reducing the subsequent high mortality and morbidity rates. This is a Haitian program for Haitians run by Haitians supported by those of us involved by sharing of our knowledge and experience. Once the clinic is fully established, it will be expanded countrywide with the original clinic serving as the referral source for the regional and local clinics.



AIP World Congress Magazine


AIP MAgazine Cover



Professor Mauro Montesi Co-Chair of the 21st World Congress of Podiatry in Rome, Italy. Click on the image above to view the AIP magazine.



The 2013 FIP World Congress Best Poster Abstract



 Lisa Chandler (Westcott)


Lisa Chandler (formerly Westcott) is a senior lecturer in Podiatry at the University of Northampton, United Kingdom. Lisa graduated in Podiatry from the University of Southampton in 2003 and commenced her academic career in 2005 at the Birmingham School of Podiatry before taking up post at the University of Northampton in 2009. Her teaching interests include podiatric medicine, dermatology and the 'at risk' limb. Alongside lecturing on the BSc (Hons) Podiatry course, Lisa leads the Lower Limb at Risk module as part of the MSc Advanced Podiatry pathway.

Lisa has completed postgraduate qualifications in education and recently her MSc in the Principles of Podiatric Surgery at the University of Brighton. Her research interest into radiographic repeatability in the context of foot profile analysis lead her to present her research at the 2013 World Congress of Podiatry in Rome, achieving best scientific poster, titled, "A Reliability Study to Investigate Inter-And-Intra-Rater Repeatability of Plain Radiographic Measurements Pertinent to the Assessment ofFoot Posture" 



High Heels Hurt, And Damage is Long-Term: UK Podiatry Study

High heels may cause permanent injury, with most women suffering pain in just over an hour of wearing height enhancing footwear, a new study has found. Wearing the ill-fitted shoes can caise long-term damage including arthritis, stress fractures, and trapped nerves, which may even require surgery or steroid injections, consultant podiatrist Mike O'Neill warned.


Mike ONeill


Reasearchers at the College of Podiatry, UK, found that almost half of women hve suffered foot problems after wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes, but 43% will suffer in the name of fashio. One third of the women also admitted that they had worn heels they knew id not fit, simply becuase they "looked nice" - and could not find a pair in their size. The Telegraph reported. On average, high heels start to hurt after 1 hour, 6 minutes, and 48 seconds, but 20% of women started to feel the pinch within just 10 minutes. 




FIP President and Vice President Go to Portugal


Joe in Portugal with Fernando


(Fernando Penalva DP, Ana Esther Levy Benasuly, Dr A Reinaud, Dr Angil Diaz, Dr Joseph Caporusso) 


Dr Caporusso, FIP President and Fernando Penalva DP, FIP Vice President meet with important colleagues at the podiatry school in Porto on April 2nd, 2013. There, they discussed the many global opportunities for the students as well as learn more about the podiatry profession in Portugal. Afterwards they had an opportunity to visit a podiatry unit at the hospital with the President of the Portuguese Podiatry Association, Manuel Portela. The FIP sees this type of interaction as a necessary and  important exercise to help grow podiatry in Portugal.





Key Podiatry Leaders Meet in Washington D.C.


Podiatry Leasder APMA HOD


On March 16th, 2013 the FIP President Dr Joesph Capousso and FIP Chief Executive Officer, Dr Robert Chelin attended the inaguration of the incumbent APMA President, Dr Matt Garafoulis at the American Podiatric Mediacal Association's House of Delegates (HOD) meeting in Washington DC. At that same meeting the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association President, Dr Joesph Stern, and  Chairman of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists of the United Kingdom, Alison Wishart, addressed the APMA HOD, wishing Dr Garafoulis much success in his presidency and offering any support and consultation that they could provide. Also in attendance was Neil Simonette from the Unted Kingdom, Chair of the FIP European Council of Podiatrists (ECP).





Gravesite Lincoln's Foot Doctor Now a Tourist Attraction

He may just be a footnote to history, but Dr Isachar Zacharie is having a posthumous mini moment, thanks to the Hollywood-sparked surge of interest in the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. Zacharie was buried in London's famed Highgate Cemetary in 1900, but he is only being added to the cemetary guide, joining such notables as Karl Marx and novelist George Eliot.


Dr Isachar Zacharie 1




Zacharie's claim to fame? He was Lincoln's foot doctor. And a good one at that, if the president's signed endorsement can be taken at face value. "Dr Zacharie has operatedon my feet with great success, and considerable addition to my comfort," the 16th president of the United States wrote in 1862, when the United States was gripped by civil war. 




American Podiatrist Honored for work with Special Olympics


Joseph Carbone DPM  

The Golisano foundation honored a local volunteer for his work with people with special needs. Dr Joseph Carbone is a man whose work keeps the Special Olympians on their feet. As a podiatrist, Dr Carbone helps people make their lives a little easier. He helps their feet and their feelings. Every year he organizes the foot screenings for the Olympians. Dr carbone said, "it's very gratifying to work for Special Olympics. They shouldn't be giving me an award. I should be giving them an award, but I am humbled and apprciative of the award."