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FIP Commissions

The FIP has three working commissions which are governed under the FIP, Terms of Reference for its commissions. Click here to access these documents: English - French 

International Humanitarian Aid Commission (IHAC)

Responsible for exploring and establishing a strategic plan for podiatric medical care to impoverished and medically underserved populations around the world. The committee was initially set up to provide assistance towards volunteering humanitarian projects to the Belgian Congo and the Caribbean island of St. Vincent. It is currently providing assistance for a Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) project aimed at decreasing f lower limb amputation in people with diabetes in at least 10 primary health care centres in Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

World Congress Advisory Commission (WCAC)

Responsible for advising member organizations who host the FIP World Congress, Conferences, Meetings and Workshops on such matters as:

  • Hotel and space requirements
  • Scientific Program and themes
  • Advertising and calls for papers and abstracts
  • Speaker identification and selection       
  • CME/CPD credit applications
  • National and international registration
  • Corporate registration and trade exhibitons
  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • Receptions
  • Evaluation reports       

To this end, the FIP has produced a World Congress Policy document which explains all the policies, procedures and expectations placed upon a member country before bidding on hosting such a venue.

Joesph Caporusso & Mauro Montesi, Committee Co-Chairs

World Diabetes Commission (WDC)

The World Diabetes Commission was launched in 2011 with an overall goal to effectively help those diabetic individuals who suffer from foot ailments.

David Armstrong DPM, MD, PhD, Committee Chair