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International Humanitarian Aid Commission

International Humanitarian Aid Commission (IHAC)

Responsible for exploring and establishing a strategic plan for providing  podiatric medical care to the impoverished and medically underserved throughout the world.

The IHAC was initially set up to provide assistance towards volunteering humanitarian projects to the Belgian Congo and to the Caribbean island of St Vincent.

It is currently assisting a PAHO project aimed at preventing the number of lower limb amputation in people with diabetes in at least 10 primary health care centres in Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

The 2013 FIP International Humanitarian Award recipient is Patricia Nicholas DPM. Patricia was born in Haiti and immigrated to the USA in 1982 and persued a career in podiatry. She currently practices in Riverhead, New York. Following the devastating earthquake in 2010 in Haiti she immediately flew down and assistwd in anyway she could. Eventually she founded the "Kindest Hearts Foundation", a charity to better help the people of Haiti. More information can be found on the foundations's website at 

 Patricia Nicholas Humanitarian Award Winner 2013