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Athlete's Foot

Athlete's foot is a common infection of the skin and nails characterized by itching, scaling, redness, and the formation of small blisters. In general the lesions start between the toes and can extend to the borders and bottom of the foot. The fungus has the potential to spread to the toenails, causing them to become thickened, discoloured, and painful. In this case the infection is called onychomycosis . While this infection is common among athletes, keep in mind that it can affect athletes and non-athletes alike. 


  • The feet are vulnerable because shoes commonly create a warm, dark and humid environment that encourages fungal growth.
  • Athlete's foot can also be contracted in dressing rooms, hotel and locker room showers, and swimming pool locker rooms where bare feet may come in contact with the fungus

What can you do?

  • Keep your shoes and socks dry as a preventive measure.
  • Practice good foot hygiene, including washing your feet with soap and water daily, and drying your feet carefully, especially between the toes.

Change your shoes regularly and wear acrylic or cotton socks. 

What might a podiatrist do?

  • Prescribe topical anti-fungal medication.
  • Prescribe oral anti-fungal medication (available by prescription only).