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Corporate and Economic Development Committee (CEDC)


Corporate and Economic Development Committee (CEDC)

The Corporate Development Committee (CEDC) was launched in May of 2010. The mandate of this committee is to develop a strategic plan which will assist the FIP/IFP in securing a continuum of non dues income. Non dues income can be a significant source of monies and revenue stream that will allow the organization to grow and prosper. It will also allow the FIP/IFP to provide more benefits to its membership and its partners. The CEDC will consist of a Chairperson who is a member of the Board, the FIP Corporate Partner Chair, as well as two other persons. The Committee will be staffed by the FIP/IFP Global Director of Corporate activities. Non dues income can be derived from a variety of sources:  1) FIP/IFP Corporate Partner Program 2) FIP Seal of Approval/Acceptance Program and 3) Unrestricted Educational grants 4) Sponsorship Programs 5) FIP/IFP World Congress                                   Chairperson - Kathleen Stone DPM (USA)