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World Foot Health Awareness Month Committee (WFHAMC)

World Foot Health Awareness Month Committee (WFHAMC)
Responsible for increasing the awareness of the importance of foot health among the general public and other health professionals, and of the podiatrist as the practitioner of first choice for foot and ankle care.

The committee develops and distributes resource material and poster to aid the successful implementation of plans for the annual foot health Awareness (WFHAM) initiative during the month of May of each year.                                                                                                                                 For 2015, the FIP has dedicated its special focus to the "Fab Feet for Teens".

An archive of past posters and special focus documents are available here.

Guide for World Foot Health Awareness Month 2015

Click on the links below to download a copy of the Resource Guides, Corporate Guides Special Focus Section and any other addtitional materials.

2015 Corporate Partners (CP) Resource Guide for collaaboration with the FIP Corporate Partners

English and French

2015 Resource Guide to World Foot Health Awareness Month

English En francais

Special Focus Section: Fab Feet for Teens

English En francais

Additional Materials: Fab Feet Fact Sheets on Blisters, Fab Feet Fact Sheets on Athlete's Feet, Fab Fact Sheets on Corns, Fab Fact Sheet on Ingrown Toenails, Fab Fact Sheets on Warts


Posters [download here]

Andrew Clarke (South Africa), Committee Chair