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World Foot Health Awareness Month

With the World Foot Health Awareness Month, the FP-IFP wants to increase the awareness of the importance of foot health among the general public and other health professionals.

2016 WFHAM topic – Cancer: Watch Your Step

WFHAM POSTER FIP-IFP 30The 2016 WFHAM theme – Cancer watch your step — is a challenging one. This theme focuses on conditions that people with cancer and in treatment for cancer may deal with. By reaching out to this specific population, we hope to raise the awareness how this condition can affect the foot and what needs to be considered.
The WHFAM committee is convince that this very actual focus is probably not the most popular but does affect numerous patients that we encounter every day in our practice. Being able to answer their questions, to raise the awareness of the impact of their treatment can help the patient to better face it and be able to receive the needed support.

Download the 2016 Special Focus document  and the 2016 FAQ.

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Documents are produced for the FIP-IFP members to promote the World Foot Helath Awareness Month in the best way.

The Focus Document contains the scientific information of the topic. Its intended audience are podiatrists. This document is made in English and French. Other translations are possible if the material is translated by the country and only layout shall be done by FIP-IFP.

From that focus document which is intended for the podiatrists, an FAQ or True/False FAQ or True/False is generated for the patients/public.

A Poster with an engaging topical  pictures /graphics suggested by the committee  is made available.
Each member organization will have a personalized poster with the slogan in their national languages, reference to their Association (name, URL, Phone and email) and reference to the FIP-IFP and FIP-IFP corporate sponsors.

WFHAM website banner will be produced for the member organization’s website.

WFHAM newsletter and WFHAM Media press release will be send to all FIP-IFP database and made available for the members to be used.