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European Council of Podiatrists

The European Council of Podiatrists (ECP) is a committee of the FIP-IFP and responsible for promoting the interests and general awareness of the podiatry profession to the European Commission, Parliament, and Council.

It provides a forum for podiatry organizations to discuss issues and establish policies relating to proposals and EU Directives that may affect the education and practice of the European podiatrist. Since 2015, the ECP is working on establishing the grounds to work on a common training framework in podiatry. Read more

The Council for European Liberal Professions (CEPLIS) represents and is the sole voice for the FIP-IFP and other healthcare organizations with the European Commission, Parliament and Council.

At the 2017 FIP-IFP Annual Meeting of the ECP, Dr. Carles Salas Verges from Spain received the trust from his peers to chair the ECP committee. Dr. Verges joint the ECP committee in 2016 and has made already a big move forward in the development of an active committee. The development of a Common Training Framework in Podiatry stays at top of the agenda for the ECP Board.

Current members


ECP Chair

Carles Vergés Salas


ECP member

Mieke Fransen



ECP Member

Peter Boelens

The Netherlands

ECP member

Serge Coimbra



ECP – FIP-IFP Board liaison


FIP-IFP Vice President Christian Jérôme

Former chairpersons:


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