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The General Assembly is the entity through which all decisions are made and is comprised of all of the delegates of FIP-FIP member associations including the staff member, and individual members.

The FIP-IFP Board is an elected entity in charge of the daily management and representation as to ensure that the organization fulfills its strategic planning and objectives, while seeking to protect the organization general interests and create value for the benefit of all the stakeholders. Every Board member has  a (regional) area of focus.

The Executive Director is responsible for the successful leadership and management according to the strategic direction, goals, mission under supervision of the FIP-IFP president and the Board.

FIP-IFP Articles of Association and Bylaws

The FIP-IFP Articles of association are registered at the préfecture de police in Paris.

FIP-IFP Committees

The FIP-IFP has a number of working committees that carry out a variety of activities.

All committee members are appointed to each committee by the executive board. The only exception to this process is the European Council of Podiatrists (ECP). The ECP consists of all FIP-IFP association members of the European Area. The ECP is solely responsible for issues that affect FIP-IFP European association members.

To view current FIP-IFP Committees you can click and view the specific role of each one:

Articles of Association Committee (AAC)
European Council of Podiatrists (ECP)
International Academy of Podiatric Medical Educators (IAPME)
International Recruitment Committee (IRC)
World Foot Health Awareness Month Committee (WFHAMC)

FIP-IFP Commissions

The FIP-IFP has two working commissions which are governed under the FIP-IFP statutes.

International Humanitarian Aid Commission (IHAC)
Responsible for exploring and establishing a strategic plan for podiatry care to impoverished and medically under served populations around the world.

Diabetic Foot Commission (DFC)
The World Diabetes Commission was launched in 2011 with an overall goal to effectively help those diabetic individuals who suffer from foot ailments.