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8 October 2020 – International Podiatry Day

International Podiatry Day



Latest news on COVID-19

Latest news on COVID-19


General Assembly

The Federation’s Board, the delegates of the member associations and the FIP-IFP Committee chairs meet annually in a host member organization country for the Annual General Meeting.

2020 Annual General Meeting online

On 14 June 2020 the AGM will be held online at 1pm Paris Time (CET).

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Access the documents’ page (members only)

2020 AGM

2019 Annual General Meeting in Miami

On 13 November 2019 the official meetings of the FIP-IFP will take place.

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Access the documents’ page (members only)

2019 AGM

2018 Annual General Meeting in Hong Kong

From  18-20 May 2018 the FIP-IFP delegates gathered in Hong Kong to participate at the 2018 FIP-IFP AGM. This year AGM was exceptional in terms of organisation (special thanks to the IPAHK) and  accomplishments for the Federation and Podiatry worldwide.. Access the information page (members only).

2017 Annual General meeting in Tübingen, Germany

From 5-7 May 2017 @ Hotel Stadt Tübingen, the Verband Deutsher Podologen hosted a great meeting and celebration of the 70th anniversary of the FIP-IFP. Access the meeting documents.

2016 Annual General meeting in Montreal, Canada

On May 25, 2016 the FIP-IFP held its General Meeting in Montreal (Canada). The Canadian Podiatric Medical Association (CPMA) kindly hosted the meeting. The meeting minutes and complementary information can be viewed here.

FIP-IFP AGM Meeting locations

The meeting locations are listed in chronological order:

2020 Online AGM (14 June 2020)
2019 Miami, FL, United States of America
2018 Hong Kong
2017 Tübingen, Germany
2016 Montréal, Canada
2015 Athens, Greece
2014 Reykjavik, Iceland
2013 Rome, Italy
2012 Glascow, Scotland
2011 Geneva, Switzerland
2010 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2009 Toronto, Canada
2008 Rome, Italy
2007 Copenhagen, Denmark
2006 Oslo, Norway
2004 Dublin, Ireland
2004 Boston, USA
2003 Brussels, Belgium
2002 Helsinki, Finland
2001 Paris, France
2000 Geneva, Switzerland
1999 Reykjavik, Iceland
1998 Gotherburg, Sweden
1997 Strasbourg, France
1996 Reykjavik, Iceland
1995 London, United Kingdom
1994 Gottenburg, Sweden
1993 Rome, Italy