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The FIP-IFP feels it is of utmost importance to support and recognize individuals who, through their vision and commitment to their profession, are making outstanding contributions to the fields of podiatric practice. As such, each year FIP-IFP honors those who have demonstrated commendable work and dedication in areas which parallel the overall FIP-IFP mission.

The FIP-IFP awards should be submitted 30 days before the AGM to the President and the Executive Director with a letter of support and the nomination form. All applications will be reviewed by the FIP-IFP Executive Board.

Four recognitions can be awarded:

the FIP-IFP Lifetime Achievement Award,

the FIP-IFP Distinguished Service Award,

the FIP-IFP Humanitarian Award and

the Certificate for Recognition.

FIP-IFP Lifetime Achievement Award

1997 Robert Van Lith
2003 José Roofthooft
2005 Ronald Lepow
2007 & 2013 Bob Hardy, Clarks Shoes
2008 Phillipe Laurent
2009 Joseph Addante and David Ashcroft
2016 Robert Chelin (CA)
2018 Stuart Baird



The 2017 President Matthew G Garoufalis delivers an FIP-IFP Lifetime Achievement Award to Stuart Baird, who just retired after an amazing career as Professor and Dean of Podiatric Medicine at Glasgow Caledonian University.


FIP-IFP Distinguished Service Award

2005 Serge Coimbra, Gerard Mayne and Margaret Jonsdottier
2008 Phillipe Laurent
2013 Robert Chelin
2016 Joseph Caporusso

 FIP-IFP Humanitarian Award

2004 Yves Manneback & Christophe Jacobs (BE) (Medics without Vacation)
2008 Special Olympics International
2009 Vicki Anton Athens (USA) (Guatemala)
2010 Margreet Van Putten (NL) (Bosnia)
2011 Kristen Larsen (DK) (Palestine)
2013 Dr. Patricia Nicholas (USA) (Haiti)
2014 Patrick Deheer (USA)
2016 Dr. Greta Dereymaeker (BE)
2008 SOI Humanitarian Award
2004 Medics without vacation

Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation for those who served the Federation

2015 Heidi Corcoran and Mona Boysen
2016 Joanna Brown (SOCAP)
2017 Neil SImonite (SOCAP)


José Roofthooft received an award for establishing the ICTPM  former Groupe de Reflection comité de la FIP en 1985 under the Presidency of Mr. Emonet (Fr)