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Common Training Framework

Since 2017, the European Council of Podiatrists organizes a yearly meeting for all European Members to inform them about the current affairs at stake in Europe at mid-term between AGM’s. The ECP committee has already worked hard to produce a framework for the CTF. It is utmost important all the European FIP-IFP members stay on good track with the progression made but also give input and feedback on the preparatory work already achieved.


ECP Workshop at the European Parliament on 16 February 2018

The European Members joined a fantastic event at the European Parliament. Hosted by MEP Lieve Wierinck, the morning session included some great and inspiring presentations from stakeholders and partner associations on the functioning of the EU institutions and how to get involved.

During the afternoon the members had a good get together to talk about the competencies to be included in the Common Training Framework. The presentations and copies of the discussion will be made available to all FIP-IFP members.

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The European Council of Podiatrists organised in January 2017 a day dedicated to discuss the opportunities to set up a common training framework20170120_invitation in Podiatry.

Contact [email protected] for the report of the day.


In all EU countries, there are certain professions that can only be carried out if the person holds the relevant professional qualifications. This is true for doctors in all EU countries and can include architects, engineers, electricians or teachers in certain countries. There are rules in place that allow professional qualifications to be recognised throughout the EU. This gives professionals the opportunity to work permanently or temporarily in other EU countries. This is important for facilitating access across the single market. The rules in place have recently been updated with the support of the European Parliament and of the Council and the new framework will come into force in January 2016. The revised Professional Qualifications Directive will make it easier for professionals to move around the EU and strengthen safeguards for consumers and patients.*

The new Directive makes it possible for EU Member States to decide on a common set of knowledge, skills and competences that are needed to pursue a given profession. Professionals who have gained their qualifications under such a common training framework will be able to have their qualification recognised automatically, without further compensation measures, in all participating countries.*

*source: A new professional qualifications regime for Europe The EU for growth and jobs: