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Latest news on COVID-19

Latest news on COVID-19


Poland – Information

Polish Podology Association (PPA)


Address: Michalowicza 18 lok. 2 94 – 306 Lodz
Tel/Fax:: : (+48) 511 457 604

President: Magdalena Hafezi-Chojecka



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Education Process- There are schools which you may enter after high school diploma. It is mostly cosmetic schools with podology department.

Years/Hours:- 2 years

Degree:- Certificate
Continuous education mandatory:- No
Schools:Find a school:


Governemental recognition:- ...
Allowing foreign podiatrists-Podology profession was registered in ministry of social affairs, not MOH.
- There is no parallel diploma recognition, because we
have been working on educational program still.
Applicable legislation-

What you need to know about podiatry in Poland:

Is there free access for patients?
- Only non risk patients
Does the podiatrist have prescription rights?
- None
Is the podiatrist is allowed to perform surgery?
- No
Can the podiatrist make and prescribe orthotics?
- Prescribes orthotics;Manufactures orthotics

Can the podiatrist use anaesthetics?
- No
Is the podiatry profession regulated? Is there a law protecting the title of podiatrist and describing the competences?
- Profession is partially regulated, however there is no nation wide education program, no certifying body, no one list of competences to be fulfilled.
How many podiatrists are active in Poland?
- 150
Is the FIP-IFP member association recognized by the government as a professional association?
- No
Is there a code of conduct/deontology?
- No