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Get involved on International Podiatry Day

International Podiatry Day (IPD) is the global awareness Campaign which aims to spread the word about the importance of foot health. Celebrated every year on the 8th of October, International Podiatry Day wants to become the biggest event focused on foot health around the world and the greatest effort to raise awareness on Podiatry both with the general public, other health professions and government health officials about the impact and the dangers of foot and ankle ailments.

The purpose of IPD is to create awareness and to reach out to the global podiatry community. This is possible by brand awareness of the day and adoption of the campaign among all podiatrists which will expand the reach to colleagues and professional associations representing podiatrists.

By achieving member engagement and by growing the community, we will drive commitment, increase positive conversations, build relationships and grow the awareness around podiatry.

How to get involved?

Starting from 3 June 2019, infographics, articles, videos and posts will be shared weekly through the different social media channels of the International Federation of Podiatrists and specific International Podiatry Day channels.

You can like, share or retweet these posts to expand the reach of each of them. Don’t forget to use #FeetMatter, #InternationalPodiatryDay, #FIPIFP, #DefeatFeetProblems and tag us using @intpodiatryday and @FIPIFP.

On International Podiatry Day itself we want to create a big buzz around the podiatric community by having everybody using the IPD frame on Facebook and make a selfie at work alone, with colleagues or with your favorite instrument.

From October 7 to October 14 a frame will be available of IPD. We really want you to join and share a work selfie of yourself, with colleagues or with your favorite instrument.