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Latest news on COVID-19

Latest news on COVID-19


France – Information

Federation Nationale des Podologues (FNP)


Address: Rue Eugène Carrière 57, 75018 Paris, France
Tel/Fax: (+33) 1 44 79 90 91 – (+33) 1 44 79 08 02

President: Serge Coimbra


On March 9, 1935, the first union in the profession was created to register the profession of pedicure as a health profession. It was from this union that the Fédération Nationale des Podologues was formed in 1955. Important achievements have been made over the past 80 years and have definitively enshrined the profession in the public health code, recognising its essential role in the French health system. Through its 20 regional unions, the Fédération Nationale des Podologues, the only representative union, works permanently for the defense and practice of all podiatrists at the national and international level.

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Education Process- Bac + 3 years
- No Master level available
Years/Hours:- 3 years full time (180 ECTS)
- 5400 hours
- 1170 hours of clinical education done in the school of podiatry, in the hospital and in private practice

Degree:- Bachelor

Continuous education mandatory:- yes the compulsory continuous education concern one session for 3 years
Name of regulated profession:- Pédicure-podologue
Schools:Find a school: or here:


Governemental recognition:- The title of pedicure, pedicure-podologue, podologue is protected by the law 2007-127 30 January 2007
- The 3 titles covers the same profession

Allowing foreign podiatrists- They must provide a file requesting equivalence to the REGIONAL DIRECTORATE FOR YOUTH AND SPORT AND SOCIAL COHESION (DRJSCS) where they wish to settle.
- They will examine the file and decide whether the equivalence may or may not be given or if further training or internship is required.
Applicable legislation-

What you need to know about podiatry in France:

Is there free access for patients?
- All patients
Does the podiatrist have prescription rights?
- Medication
Is the podiatrist is allowed to perform surgery?
- No
Can the podiatrist make and prescribe orthotics?
- Prescribes orthotics
- Manufactures orthotics
Can the podiatrist use anaesthetics?
- Topical
Is the podiatry profession regulated? Is there a law protecting the title of podiatrist and describing the competences?
- yes there is a ORDRE NATIONAL DES PEDICURES PODOLOGUES and competences are described in the law L4322-1 and following articles
How many podiatrists are active in France?
- 13260 podiatrists all being recognized - 900 practitioners
Is the FIP-IFP member association recognized by the government as a professional association?
- Yes
Is there a code of conduct/deontology?
- Yes, regulated by the government