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FIP-IFP podiatrists join EWMA 2017

The FIP-IFP is proud to announce its special relationship with the European Wound Management Association. Based on its strategic plan, the FIP-IFP builds strong partnerships with reliable organisations in order to offer its members added value.

The European Wound Management Association (EWMA) and the FIP-IFP celebrate this partnership by offering FIP-IFP member podiatrists the opportunity to join the EWMA Conference in May 2017 in Amsterdam at a promotional rate. Registration is open through this link.


Why attend the EWMA Conference?

The EWMA conference offers high level scientific presentations, networking activities and an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences with international colleagues.

Attend EWMA 2017 to:

° gain new knowledge and best practise about the most recent research and treatment in wound management. 91% of the participants at EWMA 2016 said that they could use the knowledge gained in their daily practice.

° meet peer researchers and clinicians from all over the world. 96% of the participants at EWMA 2016 networked professionally with the other participants.

° attend high level key sessions, free paper sessions, hands-on workshops, focus sessions and guest session hosted by other medical societies offering new knowledge.
89 % of participants stated that the programme offered new knowledge.

° meet with suppliers and exchange experiences about wound care products and technology. 95% of participants felt that attending the exhibition was relevant to their work.

We look forward to welcome as many podiatrists as possible to Amsterdam, the capital of inspiration, an amazing city with many facets that will delight you with its creative and informal atmosphere.

Before 1 March 2017 1 March – 23 April 2017 After 23 April 2017
FIP-IFP members
3 days 449 €
(371,08 € ex. VAT)
530 €
(438,02 € ex. VAT)
592 €
(489,26 € ex. VAT)
2 days 369 €
(304,8 € ex. VAT)
427 €
(352,9 € ex. VAT)
489 €
(404,14 € ex. VAT)
1 day 293 €
(242,15 € ex. VAT)
324 €
(267,77 € ex. VAT)
386 €
(319,01 € ex. VAT)

Don’t hesitate to register by following this link