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The FIP-IFP is made up of:

  1. Active members (federations, associations and other organizations of podiatrists)
  2. Associate members (individuals)
  3. Honorary members

Any organization submitting an application for admission attests that its members exercise podiatric medicine as a health profession either independently or on an employee basis. The professionals of each organization are subject to compliance with the professional ethics prescribed by the legislation in their respective countries or with the regulations set down autonomously by appropriate organizations.

Whenever a country is already represented by one or more organizations, an application for membership by another organization shall, before being submitted for approval by the Executive Board, obtain the agreement of the member organization(s).

In countries where a podiatry organization does not exist or is not a member of the FIP-IFP, individual member status can be attained.

Join the 30 National Associations of Podiatry represented by the FIP-IFP and apply for membership today! Send your request to [email protected].

Honorary membership may be given in recognition of exceptional service to the FIP-IFP. Honorary members may be invited by the Board to offer advice and assistance due to their knowledge and expertise of the FIP-IFP.