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Corporate partners

The Corporate partner program serves as a bridge between the business community and podiatrists worldwide. The FIP-IFP partners with companies offering solutions that address community’s needs in foot healthcare. Business and podiatry leaders convene so they may explore collaborative initiatives and
gain a better understanding of their respective sectors. If you are interested to support the FIP-IFP and demonstrate your commitment to the field of podiatry, your financial support is an investment in the future of research and improved care for those with foot and ankle ailments. For more info please contact the FIP-IFP Executive Director Caroline Teugels : .

FIP-IFP Seal of Approval Program

FIP Seals

The FIP-IFP Seal of Acceptance/Approval Program recognizes products that are beneficial to foot health and of significant value when used in a consistently applied program of daily foot care and regular professional treatment.

The FIP-IFP initiated its Seal of Approval program in 2008 but has been revised with a number of enhancements in 2016.

Seal of Approval – this program evaluates the use of therapeutic products and their adjuncts as well as footwear, materials, insoles, hosiery and equipment.

A seal is awarded to a product after it has been scrupulously reviewed by a committee of expert podiatrists who have determined that the product/products promote quality foot health.

The FIP-IFP Seal of approval is awarded to a product after the FIP-IFP Seal Committee evaluates and determines whether the product promotes quality foot health. The committee is composed of a chair and several other members. Once the Seal Committee evaluates the submitted products it forwards its recommendations to the FIP-IFP Executive Board for final approval.

If you have questions about the Seal guidelines please contact Caroline Teugels, Executive Director of FIP-IFP at .

Please consult the 2018 FIP-IFP Seal guidelines.