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The primary purpose of the Academy,” according to Dr. Vince Hetherington, Academy Chairman, “is the enhancement of podiatric medical education worldwide. The Academy will do all it can to strengthen podiatric education whether in countries with a large number of podiatrists or in those with smaller numbers.

It is our hope that the Academy will stimulate growth in podiatric programs while strengthening the teaching skills of faculty worldwide.”

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The Academy serves, primarily as the educational arm of the FIP-IFP. Its main objective is to regularly bring together those engaged in the education of podiatrists throughout the world. This could include faculty, both clinical and basic science, researchers, curriculum developers, assessors, administrators, and students. The Academy will provide them with an external source of reference and guidance and keep them informed of developments in the podiatric medical education community throughout the world.

Academy members

Individuals appointed by the FIP-IFP Delegates to the Academy

Chair Vince Hetherington USA Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor at the Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine
Member Stuart Baird UK Head of the Division of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery, Glasgow Caledonian University
Member Elena Regalado Peru President of the JUVIAL School of Podiatry
Member Fatima Cassim S-A Podiatry Program Manager, University of Johannesburg
Member Heidi Corcoran HK Podiatry Coordinator, Prince of Wales Hospital, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Active participant Christine Wiese-             Kuberka DE