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Online Courses

The FIP-IFP in conjunction with our educational partners, offers a variety of educational opportunities free of charge for all our members.

You can download courses and the 75 presentations that were captured at the 2013 World Congress in Rome, in October 2013 thanks to our corporate partner, Spenco Medical USA. You must register and log in as a member to access these courses. Will soon be available.

You can also access the key presentations captured at the 2016 World Congress of Podiatry in Montreal, in May 2016.

Note: To qualify as an FIP-IFP member, your national podiatry organization must be a member of the FIP-IFP  In countries where a podiatry organization does not exist or is not a member of the FIP-IFP, individual member status can be attained by submitting an application to the International Recruitment Committee.

Access the online courses.