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Latest news on COVID-19

Latest news on COVID-19


South-Africa – Information

Podiatry Association of South Africa (PASA)


Address: PO Box 135 Honeydew, Johannesburg, 2040, South-Africa
Tel/Fax:: (+27) 11 (0) 86 110 0249 –  (+27) 11 (0) 86 670 8134

National Chairperson:Brandon Maggen


Established in 1979, we are the recognised voice of podiatry in South Africa, representing podiatrists in both private practice and the public sector. We are dedicated to promoting awareness of foot health, preventing lower limb injuries and assisting our members.

The Podiatry Association works with governments and educational bodies to ensure that a quality podiatry service is available when and where it is needed. Foot health should not be trusted with just anyone — make sure that your podiatrist is a member of the Podiatry Association of South Africa.

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Education Process- 4 years B. Tech. Podiatry (NQF7) degree which is aquated with an honours degree
- University of Johannesburg is the only institution offering in S-A.
- Must bu offered at a university with an established Faculty of Health Sciences or Medicine
Years/Hours:- 4 years
- From 2nd year: students start seeing patients
- Students are registered with the regulatory body Health Professions Council of S-A from the first year of study

Degree:- Bachelor of Technology Podiatry is offered the new Bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry offered from 2017
Continuous education mandatory:- ...
Schools:Find a school:


Governemental recognition:- ...
Allowing foreign podiatrists- Apply for register with the health professions council of S-A
- Entry/competency exam may be required (not always the case) if the qualification equivalency is done correctly
- For medical insurance claims one has to register with the Board of Health Care Funder which will then issue one with a practice number to allow one to claim from medical insurance.

Applicable legislation-

What you need to know about podiatry in South-Africa:

Is there free access for patients?
- ...
Does the podiatrist have prescription rights?
- ...
Is the podiatrist is allowed to perform surgery?
- ...
Can the podiatrist make and prescribe orthotics?
- ...
Can the podiatrist use anaesthetics?
- ...
Is the podiatry profession regulated? Is there a law protecting the title of podiatrist and describing the competences?
- ...
How many podiatrists are active in South-Africa?
- ...
Is the FIP-IFP member association recognized by the government as a professional association?
- ...
Is there a code of conduct/deontology?
- ...