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Latest news on COVID-19

Latest news on COVID-19


PRESS RELEASE: Launch of the World Congress of Podiatry on 14 November coincides with World Diabetes Day


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Miami, 14 November 2019 – The World Congress of Podiatry is the premier foot and ankle conference of the International Federation of Podiatrists – Fédération Internationale des Podologues (FIP-IFP). Since the inception of the World Congress in 1966, this world class event serves to be the largest gathering of international podiatrists who will join together as colleagues from over 40 countries. The International Federation of Podiatrists gathers professional podiatry associations throughout Europe and the world to advance podiatry globally by given it a strong voice on an international level.
Podiatrists are known as the gatekeepers of the diabetic foot. But the access to high level podiatric care is still a privilege reserved to a few. Today on World Diabetes Day, Dr. David Armstrong gave a keynote on the importance of the inclusion of Podiatrists in the Diabetic Foot Teams. 15 percent of the patients afflicted with diabetes will develop serious foot ulcers during their lifetimes. In fact, ulcers and other foot complications cause almost 20 percent of the hospitalizations related to diabetes. Untreated foot ulcers can induce amputations, it is a mayor health care issue worldwide.
In particular, today and throughout the World Congress of Podiatry, the International Federation of Podiatrists wants to focus on the added value the podiatric profession can bring in health care system and draw attention to the negative effects of the absence or underrecognized presence of podiatrists in the diabetic foot teams.

“Podiatrists are the best kept secret in medicine and this needs to change. Including podiatrists in the health
care system is an absolute requirement in a patient-centred care delivery model, aimed at improving
patient care quality, efficiency and savings,” says FIP-IFP President, Mr. Christian Jérôme,
“With this day we hope to raise the awareness on the profession and the need of integrating podiatrists
worldwide in diabetic foot teams to safe limbs and to save lives” he said.

The International Federation of Podiatrists:
The International Federation of Podiatrists is an international not-for-profit association since 1947 focused
on global leadership and the development of podiatric medicine around the world. Working together
collaboratively with leaders of the podiatry profession, the Federation enhances the podiatric profession
through the sharing of knowledge, practice and research among 26 member associations.

Media contacts:
Mrs Caroline Teugels, International Federation of Podiatrists,
+32 495 22 44 31