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Latest news on COVID-19

Latest news on COVID-19


International Podiatry Day 2021

International Podiatry Day to be held on Friday 8 October 2021

Raising awareness of  the Podiatry profession

International Podiatry Day (IPD) is held each year to draw attention to the important role that podiatrists play in global ‘Foot Health’, not only to the general public, but to health care professionals, governments and other stakeholders. The annual campaign to promote the Podiatry profession is to take place this year on Friday 8th October.

Individuals, healthcare professionals and organisations worldwide are expected to take part. The organizers, the International Federation of Podiatrists (FIP-IFP), will start the campaign in June 2021 promoting important ‘foot health’ information and end with a world-wide social media campaign on 8th October.

The International Federation of Podiatrists gathers professional podiatry associations throughout Europe and across the world to advance podiatry globally by giving podiatrists a strong voice on an International level.

This year will be the fourth global campaign of this size and will mainly be held digitally through a social media campaign and online videos. For International Podiatry Day 2021, FIP-IFP is celebrating the work of podiatrists in keeping the ‘world on its feet’ during the global pandemic. This year the campaign will be coordinated by Mrs. Maite García Martínez from the Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Podólogos in Spain.

In particular, IPD celebrates the work of the podiatry profession and draws more attention to the negative effects of having an insufficient number of Podiatrists in many countries. IPD promotes the often under recognized benefits of podiatry care to the public health care system. We will promote the establishment and/or strengthening of high level podiatry training and for more countries to recognize the added value that podiatrists can bring to patient care.

Podiatry is ‘the profession of health sciences concerned with the research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of deformities, pathologies and injuries of the foot and associated structures – in relation with the body as well as the manifestations of systemic diseases – by all appropriate systems and technologies using scientific and professional specialized knowledge‘.

The foot is a highly complex structure. People can develop an active foot problem which affects their overall health and well-being at any time during their lives. Podiatry care can significantly improve people’s quality of life, by keeping people pain free and maintaining their mobility.

Podiatrists also work with patients ‘at risk’ of complex foot disease e.g. people with Diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis, peripheral vascular disease and many other conditions. Working in multi- and interdisciplinary teams in order to prevent hospitalization, to allow earlier discharge from hospital and in the most severe cases, to prevent limb amputations. Podiatrists use their knowledge and skills, to devise care plans based upon scientific evidence and are trained to offer the highest level of care in a safe, effective and competent manner.

“Podiatrists are the specialists who know the foot best. Podiatry care is a very cost-effective and efficient way to keep the population pain free, mobile and enable them to maintain their quality of life. Including podiatrists in the multi-disciplinary team is an essential requirement in a patient-centered care delivery model, aimed at improving patient care quality, efficiency and savings,” says FIP-IFP President, Ms. Heidi Corcoran.

“This year we hope to raise awareness of the profession, to increase the understanding of podiatry and the important role podiatrists play in patient care,” she said.


For further information:

Please see the International Podiatry Day website:; Activities can also be followed on Twitter: (@IntPodiatryDay and #IPD), on Facebook: and on Instagram (@IntPodiatryDay);