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Latest news on COVID-19

Latest news on COVID-19


Hong Kong – Information

International Podiatrists Association of Hong Kong (IPAHK)

Contact information:

Address: P.O Box 70965, Kowloon Central Post Office, Kowloon, Hong Kong, SAR

Chairperson: Mr. Chan Ka Lun Peter


International Podiatrists Association of Hong Kong (IPAHK) was founded and registered as a Society in Hong Kong in 2005. IPAHK was established as a collaborative effort between professional podiatrists working in both the public and private sectors. Our aim is to represent ‘Podiatry in Hong Kong’ in the international arena, to align ourselves with international ‘best practice’ to further the development of the podiatry profession locally, and also to enhance academic training and continuing professional education for Podiatrists in Hong Kong.

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Education Process- No local podiatry training available
- Podiatrists have been trained in UK, Australian, USA.
- The Hong Kong government sends sponsored scholars overseas for training.

Years/Hours:- 3- 4 years
Degree:- BScPod +/- (hons), DPM
Continuous education mandatory:- ...
Schools:Find a school:


Governemental recognition:- ...
Allowing foreign podiatrists- They need to be eligible for registration in their country of training
- At a University recognized by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority
Applicable legislation-

What you need to know about podiatry in Hong Kong:

Is there free access for patients?
- ...
Does the podiatrist have prescription rights?
- ...
Is the podiatrist is allowed to perform surgery?
- ...
Can the podiatrist make and prescribe orthotics?
- ...
Can the podiatrist use anaesthetics?
- ...
Is the podiatry profession regulated? Is there a law protecting the title of podiatrist and describing the competences?
- ...
How many podiatrists are active in Hong Kong?
- ...
Is the FIP-IFP member association recognized by the government as a professional association?
- ...
Is there a code of conduct/deontology?
- ...