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Latest news on COVID-19

Latest news on COVID-19


Czech Republic – Information

Czech Podiatry Association (CPA)


Address: U Vrsovickeho nadrazi 14, 101 00 Praha 10, Czech Republic
Tel/Fax: (+420) 261 264 192 –  (+420) 602 182 323

President: MUDr Marie Souckova


On May 5, 2001, the Czech Podiatric Society was established in the Pardubice House of Technology. It was transformed by the original organization of the Association of Podiatrists of the Czech Republic, which has been active in our country since 1998. It was mainly composed of podiatrists from all over the Czech Republic.

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Education Process- Either: 6 years medical university plus 5 years until first test in surgery, orthopedics, internal medicine, ... plus 100 podiatric hours at further educational institute for physicians
- Or: nurse 4500 hours (2300 theory and 2300 practice), governmental test = matriculation examination, plus 40 hours podiatric further education → "podiatric nurse" (includes: chronicle wounds, debridement of callus, ...

Years/Hours:- 6 years medical university
- + 5 years
- 100podiatric hours at further educational institute for physicians
- OR nurse: 4500 hours (2300 theory and 2300 practice)

Degree:- DPM degree
Continuous education mandatory:- Individual
Schools:Find a school:


Governemental recognition:- ...
Allowing foreign podiatrists- Physicians from EU can work without problem
- Other countries have to take a test and show knowledge of language
Applicable legislation-

What you need to know about podiatry in Czech Republic:

Is there free access for patients?
- No free access for patients. Only by referral.
Does the podiatrist have prescription rights?
- Diagnostic imaging
Is the podiatrist is allowed to perform surgery?
- Soft tissue surgery
Can the podiatrist make and prescribe orthotics?
- No orthotics

Can the podiatrist use anaesthetics?
- Both of the above
Is the podiatry profession regulated? Is there a law protecting the title of podiatrist and describing the competences?
- No

How many podiatrists are active in Czech Republic?- Under 100

Is the FIP-IFP member association recognized by the government as a professional association?
- Yes
Is there a code of conduct/deontology?
- Medical doctor conduct