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8 October 2020 – International Podiatry Day

International Podiatry Day



Latest news on COVID-19

Latest news on COVID-19


Message from the FIP-IFP President

My sincere thanks to all Delegates for participating in our first ever ‘virtual’ FIP-IFP AGM which was completed very successfully on 14th June 2020.  Special thanks to Caroline Teugels, our Executive Director, for her hard work and the outgoing board led by Christian Jérôme for organising it so smoothly. It was very encouraging to see the active involvement of all our FIP-IFP delegates and many of our Past Presidents.

Congratulations to the incoming board on their new appointments. I am very confident that we shall work well together as a team.

In fact, our hard work has already begun!

The 2020-2022 board held our first board meeting on Sunday 28th June. We have outlined our initial priorities for the immediate future.

  1. The successful implementation of the 2020 International Podiatrists Day campaign which will now be led by our Secretary-General Maité Garcia-Martinez. Unfortunately, Ekaterini Kalykakis needed to step down due to personal reasons.
  2. The smooth transition to the new board of all the FIP-IFP documentation and work of the Executive Director, and investigating the replacement of this position.
  3. Formulating guidance on the Roles and Responsibilities of the board members and the FIP-IFP delegates.
  4. We will prepare a paper with all our recommendations and an update of our suggested amendments to our Articles and Bylaws by January 2021.

The board has agreed with my proposal and your concerns raised at the AGM that we need to look very closely at the financial position of the Federation and implement cost-saving strategies to become more transparent, efficient and cost-effective, whilst simultaneously improving the tangible benefits to our member countries.

The board has agreed that there will be NO board travel or external face to face meetings for the remainder of 2020.

After each board meeting, FIP-IFP delegates will receive a summary document with the ongoing discussions accompanied by a short survey about the relevant issues at hand. We respectfully request that you complete the surveys quickly so that your input can be taken into consideration in the decision-making process.

Moving forward, there is much work to do on further improving the involvement of delegates in our committees,  discussing the format of our next World Congress and the successful launch of the Foundation for Foot Health.

We will stay in very close touch with you all in the coming weeks and very much encourage you to become actively involved in this two way communication.


Yours sincerely

Heidi Corcoran

FIP-IFP President

Message posted on 1 July 2020