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The Brand

There are a number of reasons why organisations change their logo, most often brought about by a combination of external changes along with internal shifts that now warrant ensuring that the organisation is moving forward.

70 years of the Federation is a milestone that we celebrated together at the 2017 annual general meeting. The new logo has been presented in preview.

The mission of the Federation is still very present but there have been considerable transformations the last years. Changing the logo is essential in the process of significant change in the governance and the maturity of the Federation.

The new FIP-IFP logo wants to bring a fresher look to the work of the FIP-IFP. The Federation, despite its 70th anniversary, is very dynamic and proactive and wants to show this with a ‘younger’ look and feel.

The main elements of the FIP-IFP logo: the globe, the feet and the bilingual text are kept as the core issues of the brand of the Federation. These core elements are what people recognise in the International Federation. But shifting the colors and the text gives the logo a beautiful and mature appearance. The golden lines indicate class and maturity, and the abbreviation of the Federation FIP-IFP is prominent.

A special logo for the 70th anniversary has been created. 70 year of advancing podiatry is a milestone that deserves a very special attention.

The logo can be used free of rights by FIP-IFP members and partners that have been granted the use. Misuse of the logo can lead to action. Permission of use can be asked through:


70th anniversary logo vertical
70th Anniversary logo horizontal
FIP-IFP logo vertical
FIP-IFP logo horizontal
 National association members of the FIP-IFP can use the logo in combination with their own logo  
 Partners of the FIP-IFP can use the logo in comination also