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Diabetes and Foot Care

Diabetes is a serious disease that can lead to blindness, kidney failure, stroke, heart attack and amputation. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 340 million people around the globe will have diabetes by 2030. That’s a significant increase form the 177 million people reported in 2000.

With injuries to the foot being one of the most common complications of diabetes leading to hospitalization, podiatrists play an important role in helping people deal with this disease.  And to help podiatrists around the world, the FIP will be posting more and more information that can be shared with patients to make them more aware about what they can do to take good care of their feet.

Feel free to use the materials on this website with your patients, whether it’s the true/false quiz, tips for a walking program or the statistics listed in the media advisory.

Click here to view an interview with Former FIP-IFP and former APMA President Joseph Caporusso on Diabetes Awareness (2011)

Developing an organized international approach to global diabetes epidemic – Release date:  November 23, 2011

With membership in 30 countries around the world, the FIP-IFP is uniquely positioned to create a coordinated effort to combat the complications of diabetes in the lower extremity and to reduce amputations worldwide.

As the statistics below illustrate, we are experiencing a global pandemic of diabetes:

The DM Foot Commission’s 2011 campaign – Podiatrists Fighting Amputations Worldwide – focuses on the importance of good foot health care and actions that diabetics can take to help control the disease.  The following statistics also point out the significant benefit of podiatrists being a part of good foot health care: